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About Us

ATS Project Success is an online tutoring company based in Clinton Township, Michigan. Since 2003, we have tutored over 45,000 students in reading and math all over the country.

Students are partnered with a tutor who creates an individualized learning path using the SuccessMaker or Odyssey software program. All students work in their home and are contacted by the tutor over the telephone or through email.

ATS Project Success Mission Statement
ATS Project Success partners with students, parents and educators to provide positive and measurable educational achievement.

Awards and Accomplishments
In 2012 we received accreditation through AdvancED.
In 2013 we received the School of Excellence Award from Pearson Learning for our innovative use of the SuccessMaker program.

SuccesssMaker and Odyssey
K-8th grade students receive tutoring from the SuccessMaker program published by Pearson Digital Learning.  SuccessMaker measures progress by growth in instructional level.

9-12th grade students receive tutoring from the Odyssey program published by Compass Learning. Odyssey measures progress by the percentage gain from pretest to post test.

2011/12 K-8 Instructional Gain Data Results
In 2011/12, our K-8 students made one instructional level gain in reading in an average of 27 hours of tutoring. Students made .89 of an instructional level gain in math in an average of 27 hours of tutoring.  Instructional level gain is comparable to

2011-12_k-8_instructional_gain_data_results2011-12_k-8_instructional_gain_data_results_math2011/12 9th-12th Grade Results
In 2011/12, our 9 – 12th grade students made a 20 % gain from pretest to post test in reading in an average of 26 hours of tutoring. Students made a 22% gain from pretest to post test in math in an average of 29 hours of tutoring.


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