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School District Partnerships

School District Partnerships

ATS Project Success has experience developing strong partnerships with school districts to increase student improvement using our online tutoring program.
Supplemental Educational Services (SES) We have provided SES in 41 states since 2003. Over 50,000 students have benefitted from our online tutoring services in reading and math. See our FAQ for more information on SES.
Minneapolis Reading and Math Partners Program (RAMPP) Minneapolis Public Schools released an RFP in the summer of 2012 for tutoring services. We were selected as one of 11 providers. The Minneapolis program was designed to provide 40 hours of tutoring to students at risk of failing the state test. We partnered with Minneapolis schools in the 2012/13 school year to provide 40 hours of academic tutoring in reading and math. Of the 447 students who attended at least once, 73% (327) completed their allocated hours and pre/post tested. Students were allowed to work additional hours (at no charge to the district) up until the program completion date, April 30. On average, this group of students completed 60 hours of tutoring.
South Carolina In South Carolina, each district chose the tutoring companies they felt would do the best job with their students. We were proud to find out that our company was the one most chosen by districts in South Carolina. South Carolina is now monitoring how our students did on their state test. Below are the academic gains based on our pre/post testing.
SubjectNumber of studentsAverage Instructional Level GainAverage hours completed
Bay County Private Schools Bay County has contracted with us since 2010 to provide tutoring to their Title 1 students in their private schools.

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